Jambo from our first day at KMET


After a long three day travel, we made it safely to Kisumu, and today (our first full day!) we toured the Kisumu Medical and Educational Trust office and learned a little bit more about all of the programs.  Tomorrow after a staff meeting, we all will have a better idea of which programs within KMET we will be working in.  So far, I am contemplating working with possibly the microfinancing program to help small businesses expand, either the health communication and marketing or the quality healthcare financing program which focus on bettering healthcare accessibility, or the safe space program where young women learn salon, tailoring or catering skills as well as entrepreneurial skills to empower them and allow them to be independent.  During the tour of the different KMET sites, I saw the clinic’s slogan painted on the wall: Huduma Poa, which means quality healthcare for all.  Quality health care is a basic necessity that unfortunately not all people have, even in the United States.  The other sign that stuck with me was posted by the clinic bathroom saying Hi Sweerie!!! If you sprinkle when you trickle…pliiiiiz…wipe? thanks! 🙂”  I must say I wish we could be in a world where both those sayings were always true.

Victoria Perez-Zetune
Kisumu, Kenya

Soccer game with a view of Kisumu

Soccer game with a view of Kisumu