Our Sinking Boat


As I work with the Food Income and Marketing and Urban Livelihood programs in KMET, the main method of implementing income generating projects and resolving problems is through community meetings.  In the community meeting, people are able to voice issues they see and talk about possible solutions and methods to address these concerns; the idea is self identifying and self solving to help oneself.  At one of the community meetings, the community coordinator, Joseph, organized the following skit.  There is a boat with a student, a doctor, women & children, a businessman, a farmer and chief leaders.  The boat begins to sink so everyone first throws out the luggage, but the boat continues sinking so they begin to throw people overboard.  The student, farmer, and women & children are thrown overboard in that order, and the remaining individuals survive.  After the skit, a discussion was held to make connections to  the discrimination that occurs in the community to different groups of people, in particular the lack of school retention and the lack of shared obligations between men and women.  Although many of the men continued to  be a bit reluctant to the idea of shared roles, a discussion is all it takes to get the idea started and in the open.  In KMET, people often say problem talked about is a problem half solved.  I began to reflect who does are society throw overboard…who would you (and do you) throw over first?

Victoria Perez-Zetune

Community Conversation meeting in Obunga

Community Conversation meeting in Obunga