Success in Week 2!

My second week in Kenya was filled with many ups and downs. Other than moving in with a host family that I have grown to appreciate, saying goodbye to Kim, Amy, and Carol, and finding the right programs in KMET that is right for me, I’ll have to say that week two was a success. My host family consists of two older sisters, a six years old girl, and a housegirl whom I adore! My six years old host sister loves to play Temple Run on my iPad. She also love the Reeses chocolate and the Jolly Ranchers that I brought from home. I look forward to dinner every night because we get to share stories over a great meal. What’s better than that? So far my favorite foods are chipati with baked beans and fried tilapia.

I was a little sad to see Kim, Amy, and Carol leave but I am ready to start learning how to be a Kenyan and finding my purpose here. I participated in several programs in KMET and had great conversations with the coordinators of the programs I am interested in. These programs include the Cochran Health Centre, the Community Mobile Clinic, Nutriflour, and Sisterhood For Change Mentorship Program. The members of these programs are extremely kind and are always willing to answer all of my questions. I have been told that I ask too many questions. I really enjoyed helping the nurses during OTP (outpatient therapeutic program) Day, which is every Thursday, because got the opportunity to access whether or not a baby was malnourished by measuring the diaphragm of his upper arm, taking his weight, and measuring his height. I also enjoyed visiting a primary school (a middle school in the US) in Manyatta, Kenya. Jenepha, the coordinator of Sisterhood For Change, gave them a lecture about decision making and sexual abuse.

My schedule is set for week three and I know exactly what I will be doing everyday of the week. I’m super excited!

-Margaret Jennifer Johnson