First week!



It’s been one week here in Gettysburg so far, and I am really excited for the rest of the summer! I’ve gotten my projects and have started chipping away at planning and research for PhotoVoice, a photography project that challenges the participants to reflect on themselves and discuss with others to find a solution that works for them. PhotoVoice is one of the components of Healthy Options, an initiative to increase access of fresh fruits and vegetables to the community.

In the house, we have made a goal sheet, where each of us set and accomplish a goal by the next group meeting. As the focus of HO this year is on children and health, my goal of the week was to finish the President’s Task Force’s report on Childhood Obesity. It was a really interesting read, and gives a lot of insight on which parts of children’s’ health could be improved from the family/ individual, and which ones may be systemic or structural.  All throughout the US, people are doing things that really work in their communities that they know work for them, like a produce truck that runs like an ice cream truck! (If anyone is looking for a business partner in six years, let me know…)

When working at the Farmer’s Markets at the Healthy Options table, we have had some good interactions with the participants, and it seems like they really trust Camille and Audrey, who have worked with HO in the past. Sadly, there are still quite a few vouchers that haven’t been picked up. I know that it is still the middle of the month and we had a very high voucher redemption date last year, but my worst fear is that our effort is futile in getting people to be healthier.

Yesterday, we went to a graduation party for Gustavo Garcia, a recent grad of Temple University. The atmosphere was really fun, and the people were really warm and friendly, and of course, the food was delicious. There was even cantaloupe juice! There was so much hope for the younger kids to further their education, and sooo much pride and support pouring from the community. Then we went on our first HO group activity, a walk down Spangler’s Spring. Unfortunately, there were no participants there—it ended up being Audrey’s family, Kim and her girls, Camille, and me, but I am really happy that we offer these activities, and hope that more people show up in the future!