Week three as an intern provided a lot of new experiences. Experiences that brought lots of emotions and excitements. I attended a funeral for a staff member that passed away with the staffs of KMET this past weekend. This was a first for me and I could not hold in my emotions. It was sad to see everyone cry. I did not know this staff member very well but he gave us an orientation of the department he worked in the first week we got here. The KMET staff were extremely supportive of each other and they came together as a family to give their condolences to his family.

On a brighter side, the wonderful staff at the Cochran Clinic gave me an opportunity to perform an ultrasound on a pregnant woman and to administer an injection to a child. I have seen these done numerous times by doctors and nurses during other internships that I participated in. I was elated to be given the opportunity to do this because I may not have gotten the chance back home. During the ultrasound the nurse thought me how to find the fetus’ head, hips, placenta, umbilical cord, cervix, and bladder. The nurse also thought me how to tell how many months pregnant the mother is. Isn’t that exciting? I have to admit that I did not know where to start at first but the nurse was very patient with me.

I had a lot to do at the clinic this past Friday because the staff was low at the clinic due to funeral preparations. The nurse in charge asked me to document some patients and to take their vital signs. A majority of these patients were below the age of four. It was hard to communicate with the mothers due to the language barrier. Some of the mothers did not know how to speak english. I also gave an injection to a baby that needed antibiotics. I was not afraid to administer the shot because it was a simple shot in the arm. These two skills are good to have, especially because I want to be a nurse-midwife. I am blessed and I am happy:)