Mini-Lessons in my Backyard

Last Thursday, I met with Janepher who requested that I run mini-lessons on entrepreneurial skills with the girls from Safe Space. The Safe Space girls are taking one of the following courses-tailoring, catering or hairdressing, and the hope is that they will be able to better their livelihood with the vocation training they receive. Safe Space has recently strengthened the mentoring component of the program, but Janepher felt there was a gap in the business skills component. I brainstormed a couple ideas with her, and I am excited to start doing these lessons on Friday mornings with the different classes. That same afternoon, with the help of my wonderful coworker Debbie who translated, I taught one of the mini-lessons that I am planning to do with the girls at the community meeting in Kamakowa Obunga. I have been working on my Swahili and Lou so I was able to introduce myself but my language skills are not there yet to give the lesson alone. The presentation that I gave was on the importance of book keeping for small businesses, and on a flipchart I went through a small example of a cashbook for a chips (French fries) seller. The community enjoyed the lesson and said that they learned a lot. They asked me to come back next week with another small lesson or discussion to share with the community. Today, I have been asked to give the same lesson to a different group that had requested information on accounting, and Debbie thought it would be perfect if I gave the lesson there. I am really excited to be able to work directly with people, even though the office work and filing is important too. The other day, when I was buying tomatoes and mangoes with my host sister Cynthia, the girl at the stand said she goes to the community conversation meetings in Kamakowa and was there for the presentation that I gave. It meant a lot to me that she told me how happy she was that I always go to the weekly meetings in Kamakowa. I particularly like these meetings because it is right by where I am staying in Obunga so I am working with the same people that I stay with.

Victoria Pérez-Zetune ’16
Kisumu, Kenya