Filling Uncomfortable Shoes

This week I got the chance to put my feet in other peoples shoes. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sandals and heels kind of girl. So let’s just say I walked in SNEAKERS this week! I found myself in quite a few situations that were out of my comfort zone, but I think I did pretty well.

I’m getting to know the clients at the Work Ready program much better this week. That’s one of the best parts for me because I love interacting with people, hearing their stories, and building valuable relationships capable of blossoming into friendships that are mutually beneficial.

So, here are the main highlights of my week!

1.     I went to a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Program) workshop with the Work Ready clients this past Tuesday. It pretty much helps you to organize your thoughts and goals to remain healthy in all aspects.

2.     I’ve been working with a client tutoring her in private ESL sessions! It’s been pretty interesting. I never really saw myself as someone finding interest in any instructional roles, but I surprisingly have the patience to do this successfully. Between volunteering at Emily’s weekly ESL classes and tutoring in my private session, I’m learning that I actually have much more patients than I thought!

3.    I was assigned the role of a child care provider during my work day at Circles this past Wednesday. Goodness! There we so many children. A solid dozen of them running around and kicking and screaming and crying and sharing and not sharing and EVERYTHING! I had no idea what to do. Some were quiet, some bossy, some sassy. I pretty much sat at the tables playing a variety of games with several of the children. Although I did not physically exhaust myself, by the end of the 90min of baby sitting I was pooped! It was quite an overwhelming experience.

4.     I have been assigned the responsibilities of testing a Build-a-Business activity for the clients at the Work Ready program. Now, my first day at the program I spent a significant amount of time encouraging clients to actually DO the activity. They mostly brushed me off. They thought it was boring and found tons of other things to do rather than completing there assignments. But when I was working on the activity myself, I felt their pain! Sitting on the computer for hours on hand is just as tiring as working a desk job for 8 hours. Doesn’t seem like much, but when I put my feet in their shoes, I understood their frustration.


Nadejiah Towns