Learning everyday

This week, I was much more skillful in the kitchen. We now know our schedule better and managed our time pretty well. However, Monday was a little bit rough. It was the first day that we had ever run the kitchen with a big number of volunteer 5-6 people. Thus, we had a lot of dead time figuring out what job to assign the volunteers. Fortunately, Tammy dropped by rescued us. The lesson of that day was to plan ahead more carefully. The rest of the week was fine. We ran the kitchen more smoothly and successfully made apple sauce with one autistic class on Thursday afternoon.
Circle Meeting is getting more interesting one after another. Our meeting on this Wednesday taught me so much more about poverty. We got a chance to look at a mental circle of poverty through which I realized how many elements come into play in their struggle against poverty. There are a lot of little things in life that many people ignore while those things seriously affect every cent of poor peoples’ income. The meeting also reminded me of my poverty simulation on GIV day. During the game, I got mad at myself for messing up many little things like forgetting my kids at home, wasting bus ticket for nothing etc… The game also made me so frustrated at the system in which everything is slow and you could waste a day having nothing done. Thus, I really respect everyone in circle whose patience and determination have helped them move forward in their life to win the battle against poverty.
This morning, we had a lovely meeting with Elizabeth from Amazing Heart Farm. She shared her journey of becoming a CSA farmer. Through her stories, I realized there are such a variety of things we can do with a CSA farm to connect the community and agriculture as well as food sustainability. It is also interesting to reflect upon the Painted Turtle Farm and see how much we have done. With our community outreach project, we provided migrant families the opportunity to grow their food and enjoy their fresh vegetables. In addition, we organized 10 workshops to educate people about nutrition, farming and health. The relationship between community and the farm is so precious and promising. ~ Uyen