Story Time! (week 2)

Last week, I visited some seniors that are homebound and receive hot Meals on Wheels every M-F. I am asked them which fruits and vegetables they would be interested in being delivered from the farmers’ markets. Here are some small stories that the seniors have told me when making my way around (not exact words).
I asked if a woman if she liked tomatoes, and she replied, “oh no, the ones at the grocery store are picked green and then gassed so that they ripen in store.” I replied, “no, these are from the farmers’ market, so it would be fresh and local.” She looked surprised and said, “ohh, then yes, I love tomatoes! When I was a young girl, my mother had a garden and we would have tomatoes this big” as she held out her hand cupping an imaginary tomato. “I would eat them right off the vine, and filled my pockets with them. I might as well have been carrying salt everywhere I went.”
Helena: would you like to receive some extra fresh fruits and vegetables with your meals on wheels
Woman: No, I’m 92, my son takes care of me for the week, and I don’t eat much anymore. I eat Cheerios for breakfast. You know, they help lower your cholesterol! Thank you for the offer, but my son makes sure that I have enough for the entire week. Helena: I really like your room. There are dinosaurs.
Woman: My daughter painted this room for my grandson, and now I’m here. It’s my little cave. Man: Are you oriental?
Helena: Yes, I am.
Man: Are you Korean?
Helena: No, I’m Chinese.
Man: I was in war in Korea fighting off those North Koreans!!
Woman: I was the oldest of three girls and we had three boys in the family. Of course the girls would clean in the house and prepare all the food, it was never the boys you see. But they worked on the farm, and that was hard work. We learned to eat everything on our plates and not to leave any food behind.

Things have been really gearing up the past couple of days! I am finally feeling like I recognize people and see names that cross over from Healthy Options to ESL classes and some familiar faces at the garden, so I’m excited to get to know more of the community members we are interacting with!
Tonight is the first session of PhotoVoice! Camille and I did a lot of prep for it, and I’m really excited! Other events will be coming up in quick succession and (today at least) have been feeling this happy stressed feeling, which is like my thirst for life! I hope I can keep it going for a while!
As a side note, it is getting REALLY HOT and REALLY STUFFY and generally uncomfortable walking around. We’re also starting to see more and more people milling around the square. LOTS of Boy Scouts (or some other young boy group..)