Wait and Relax

My schedule on campus can be a bit hectic at times. Sometimes I cannot find enough personal time for myself because I have more important things to do. Being in Kenya has taught me that it is okay to relax. It is okay to slow down your life that seems to be running away from you. It is okay to take time for yourself and enjoy the things that makes you happy. I enjoy going on long walks and having deep reflections. Surprisingly, so does the house girl, Awino. We go on long walks every Sunday and have deep reflections about the differences in life in America and life in Kenya. A big difference I have noticed is that life is much more simpler in Kenya than in America.

Being in Kenya has also helped me become more patient. Other than work or meetings I do not think there is stress for punctuality. And that is alright. Sometimes it is okay to wait, for thirty minutes to an hour (or even more). Everything does not always have to follow a schedule. I usually use these extra time to reflect on my day or to read a good book.

Jenn 🙂