ESL, Idioms & Privilege

Today was my 3rd ESL session with my client at the Work Ready Program. I must admit, it made me happy that she actually came to me about session today instead of me having to reminder her. Seeing her increase in both effort and progress, she seems to be enjoying the lesson and finding them beneficial as well. That makes me happy! It may sounds really simple, but as I have said before, many of the clients here have crappy attitudes about getting their assignment done because they are mandated to be here. Though their assignments are supposed to help them, most times they see it as busy work. But anyway, back to ESL stuff! She’s doing so much better. She’s reading and writing at a faster pace and I also noticed that she is speaking more (and I see confidence!). It’s nice to know that our hard work together is paying off. We’re both learning here. Of course, she’s learning better English, but me, I’m learning that I have way more patience than I thought! She even thanks me at the end of classes now, which mean more than she thinks. There’s definitely a better comfort level now, I’ve even gotten her to laugh and crack a smile periodically. Today, we had some extra time and got to work on “American idioms” which were pretty interesting. Here I was thinking that “For the birds” was an urban phrase, but apparently it’s pretty common.

I also randomly stumbled into a conversation with one of the clients today about white privilege. Apparently she thought that “privilege” was a conspiracy theory and asked me where I learned it from. I couldn’t help but to laugh. Of course, the sociologist in me ran to Google to print out Peggy McIntosh’s “White Privilege” checklist. That was a pretty interesting sight to see. I’m definitely considering writing a blog on that experience for SURGE in the future.

Tomorrow I have CIRCLES! I’m excited, but praying that I can find enough volunteers for Child Care. As of now I have 3 definite volunteers. Looks like I might have to make some phone calls tonight. Fingers crossed!