Finding my Calling

Yesterday was, hands down, the best day I’ve had with KMET! I went in thinking that I’d spend the day at the KMET office for Haduma Poa Day (which happens a few times a year). On Haduma Poa (Quality Healthcare for All) Day, all of KMET’s health services are offered for free. There is free screening for HIV, Cervical Cancer, ultrasound, malnutrition, BMI, and many other services.

As things for the day were still being set up, I got to help filling, lifting, and weighing 25 kg bags of Nutriflour. Although the task was very dusty and required lots of muscle, I had a lot of fun being involved in the process. Once people started showing up for Haduma Poa Day, I was asked to take pictures of the even. About 10 minutes after I started taking pictures, I was told that I needed to go to another event to take pictures there. I, along with a few other KMET staff members went to a meeting that discussed ECD (Early Childhood Development) Center models. I took a lot of photos of the speakers and the dancing that occurred at the event for the Marketing department to use at KMET. We also visited two different types of ECD centers (school based and community based) and the children were so excited to greet us and smile for pictures.

When returning back to the KMET office, the marketing team had a look at my photos and liked them so much that they asked me if I would be willing to take photos at other KMET-related field visits that they were covering. Yesterday in the afternoon, I was asked to take pictures of a project that two members of KMET are participating in for the Global Women’s Water Initiative. This may have been one of the most inspiring things I have witnessed since arriving in Kenya. This group of women from Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya gathers every six months to build a water tank, pit latrines, or whatever water/sanitation need is present in a community. These women were working to build 3 pit latrines at a school along with a menstrual cleaning pit (for women to be able to feel clean during their period).

The unity and positive spirit present among these woman was unlike anything I had ever seen before and I was so thankful that I was asked to take photos there. I’m surprised I didn’t find myself in the marketing department earlier because I love to write and I love to take pictures. I am glad that I have found my calling and I really look forward to many more field visits to capture stories of KMET projects (and see development at work in Kenya)!


Kisumu, Kenya

p.s. When on a bus home from the water project, there was a live chicken on the shelf above me…