I am already 3 weeks done with my Heston Jouney. However, with the 2 new gears I just equipped myself with this week, I believe the rest of my Journey will be super exciting. Gear 1: Camera
Thanks to Hillary, I finally knew how to make the best use of my camera after owning it for 9 months. Although I’m just helping out in Photovoice, I am excited to engage myself in conversation with the families in healthy options to talk about their experiences with food through photos. I believe that the discussion will be interesting and unpredictably creative because there is always more than one way to look at a photo. In addition, with all the photography lessons from Hillary, I will try to record my Heston Journey through photos. Gear 2: Marketing skills
Yesterday workshop was amazing. I learned so much about working as a farmer at the Farmers’ Market. Although it is not office work where you need skills and degrees, managing your business at the Farmers’ Market is not easy. There are so many elements that determine a successful business: preserving produce, adjusting your price, customer service, marketing skills, etc… Just like any other jobs, you will have to put your heart and mind to every single task. Carla Snyder, our workshop’s instructor said : “When you are at the market, you are not presenting just any regular goods but you are presenting your pride because you put your time, heart and mind in growing and taking care of these vegetables”. We also got to practice our marking skills through an activity in which everyone was asked to design their sign for their shop. Although Adrienne found my sign creepy, Carla pointed out two good point in my sign (Naturally grown symbol and naming where my vegetable come from: “Gettysburg College community garden”) and I think most of the family like mine too. I can’t wait for July 13 when we start selling our beautiful produce at the Farmers’ Market. I am looking forwards to getting my gear out and keeping on hiking :3. ~ Uyen.