Finding a Silver Lining in Data Entry

The last two weeks have been dedicated to data entry for the Education Department and typing up reports for Madam Jenapehr. Fun!
I must admit, at first I was a bit disappointed at how all the excitement of going out on field visits and advocacy trips at local schools had died down in my department as the weeks progressed. However, With KMET starting a new mentorship/entrepreneurship project in the youth department, Madam Jenapher has focused her efforts to prepare for this new project and to ensure its success. Which means spending more time in the office and less time out in the field. Nevertheless, as Liz and I went through pages and pages of information that needed to be entered into a spreadsheet, I took great comfort in knowing that I was actually making a contribution to my department. The education and youth departments are improving their efforts at record keeping by creating electronic copies of all their files, so as mundane as my task may have seem to me (initially) it was actually well worth it.
But no worries, I’ve still had some very exciting moments during these last two weeks.
During Huduma Poa day (May 26th) I learned how to administer HIV/AIDS test and pre/post counseling to patients and even got the opportunity to perform the tests on some of the clients that came for the event! Imagine talking about the importance of practicing safe sex and using condoms to a woman old enough to be my mother, lol.
I also got to attend the graduation of the Global Women Water Initiative: Phase 2 (My host mom was one of the participants) and Gemma, the director of GWWI made me the official photographer for the event. There’s actually a picture I took of one of the women dancing on the GWWI Facebook page!
Yesterday morning, Immaculate, Christine, and myself bagged 500 packs of Nutriflour in record time! Well a little over an hour. But seriously, when I first saw the bags I honestly didn’t think we would finish till after lunch.
For the rest of the week, I will be devoted most of my time and energy to getting my project for my proposal up and running. So far, I have faced a few minor setbacks. For example, I am still waiting to receive the quotes for start-up kits five days after I requested them, and Madam Jenapher just cant seem to decide on when is a good day to meet with the Sacco guy. Wish me luck!
Rashida Aluko-Roberts
Kisumu, Kenya

Eating dinner and typing up reports at home