Food & Frustration…

Part of a wall painting in the Work Ready building painted by former clients.

Part of a wall painting in the Work Ready building painted by former clients.

Fresh Veggies!

This past week has brought so much frustration! While there were several enjoyable moments, there were usually unfavorable moments that came along. I guess I can start with the positives first…

I learned how to make a mean beef stir fry this week! The Work Ready program has a nutri-links class each week and that was on the menu Monday. We made everything from scratch, but fresh veggies and cut the beef into thin strips. I really like cooking classes  because I get the chance to interact with the clients more comfortably. I am usually responsible for monitoring them in the campus kitchen during food preparation, so they let their guards down a little bit, which is nice from time to time.

Although I don’t work with Work Ready on Wednesdays, I chose to go in this week because they were having a ”

family brunch”. Turned out great! But the road to cooking breakfast was brutal. Seemed liked every minor decision, from pot usage to music selection, turned into a huge argument! I literally felt like I was in the middle of a whirlpool of chaos. I don’t do so well in noise and voices shouting over one another, so I was very tense. Again, I learned that when a client has a bad day, sometimes that means a bad day for you as well. They take those frustrations out on us, and it’s though to tolerate, but understandable. You have adult women, many older than me, who have to follow an agenda after rushing their kids to day care, struggling with transportation and worrying about keeping shelter. I often keep that it mind to help relax some of my own frustrations.

Also, I finally think that I am learning to have more patience. I have been dying to jump in and be hands on in the Circles program, but the reality is that things haven’t quite picked up yet, even after the first month of Wednesdays. I’ve been told that things are about to take off starting next week. I’m hoping this is true. Another thing that really sucks? There’s only so much an intern can do. I have been fairly observant about how some of my clients are handled on a daily basis. Many times I find myself upset about it, but there is not much I can do as an intern. Sometimes I wish I could just help them out a little, you know? As I’ve said before, I have gotten to build closer relationships with the clients, but I really want them to get to know me better. I am thinking of having a special series of activities on my last day to help them get to know me as a person. Sometimes I feel that some of th

e clients look at me as a “goody college girl”. Someone even called me “bougie” the other day. Even though it was in a joking manner, it still caught my attention. I’d like them to know that I have hit a few walls myself, and that my life is far from perfect. I just where my mask well 🙂

Client in progress! (ESL)

Client in progress! (ESL)

Sidenote: My ESL classes with my client are going GREAT! She is picking up speed, skill and even has developed a level of comfort with me! Means a lot since she’s one of the more quiet clients. She even showed me a picture of her granddaughter and daughter recently 🙂