Last night was the first session of photovoice, an activity that Healthy Options participants have the option of participating in where discussion is started from pictures people take of their everyday life. Some people took some really awesome pictures and there was a lot to talk about, but some I had difficulty starting conversations with. I tried to help along the conversation rather than saying, here, this is what you should think about, but it was not easy.

We had some serious technical difficulties. Some people had a hundred pictures on their memory card when we asked for ten (probably because they didn’t know if they should/how to delete previous year’s photos). Thank you, Uyen for doing the bulk of uploading and dealing with tech problems!!

I am excited for the photo competition at the markets this coming Friday and Saturday and I hope we’ll get a good turnout. This Saturday’s market was AWESOME and we had so many pickups and a lot of vouchers spent.

I’m really excited to be back working. The four day weekend was nice, but I got into this place of not knowing what time it was, taking several naps a day, and just being disoriented and doing nothing all day. So, now I know I need structure in my life, and something to make me get up, put on nice clothes, and go somewhere besides our ridiculously hot apartment.