Mentoring and Reproductive Training

2I am so excited to be spending this week helping with and covering (for the marketing team) a mentorship training for young women aged between 20 and 35 who will be mentoring young girls in one of the informal settlements in Kisumu.  There are about 30 women who are very energetic and excited to learn and be able to mentor girls in need.  Over the course of the week, the training has had discussions, presentations, and activities on the importance of mentoring adolescent girls, ways to recruit and mentor effectively, reproductive health and contraception and how to discuss it with girls, and today, we are covering gender based violence.

I have been extremely impressed how these mentors handle discussing some very serious issues.  Yesterday, they gave very professional presentations on the reproductive system.  They also have so many great questions on hypothetical situations that they might face when mentoring a young girl.  This morning, we discussed rape scenarios, where I learned that the statistics in Kenya are that every 30 minutes, a girl or woman is raped in this country.  And my guess is that with the 3lack of reporting of rapes, they happen more often than the statistics.  And, what is even sadder is that the law in Kenya does not provide many sentences for sexual offenders (most get off with a slap on the wrist).  There was a recent instance where a 10 year old in Kenya gave birth.

As upsetting as some of the subject matters are, it is amazing what these young women are going to eventually accomplish in their communities.  The mentors are confident and will definitely make great role models for the girls.  I have been learning a lot too and hope that I will be able to find an outlet to use the information from this week in a constructive way once I return to the US.

Thanks for reading!  Can’t believe we have less than 3 weeks left here!

Kisumu, Kenya