On a roll :3

To me, part of this week was about trying new things. I tried to learn Photoshop to design the Painted Turtle Farm Poster for the Famers’ Market on Saturday. Since my skill is still very limited, my poster ended up not being used. Nevertheless, the main point was that I tried and learned a new skill which I will try to perfect it in the long run. In addition, I decided to take on the childcare job during Circle on Wednesday. It was a very risky decision because kids have always frightened me. Well, childcare at Circle was pretty scary. All the kids are so young and what they currently do best was screaming to the top of their lung. I also realized how differently the kids act compared to when I was a child. I think nowadays, they are exposed to more media sources than I did back when I was a kid. Thus, I was really surprised when I heard one boy using phrases like “what the hell” “where the hell”.
I also found the kitchen really fun this week. Our volunteers didn’t just focus on finishing the task before and they started talking more often to each other. Now the kitchen is full of funny conversation and laughter, which makes me feel very happy. Our volunteers started to remember my name too. In the near future, I hope they would call my name more often instead of mentioning Eric all the time L. We have definitely gotten the routine of everything in the kitchen. Recycling and composting task also got better as we got a new recycling bin from the food pantry. However, we still need to keep our volunteers more aware of these two tasks. Moreover, I am getting used to working with autistic students. They are very enjoyable to be around. I am not very good teaching and instructing people but I think I’m getting better at it. Working with autistic students trained me to be a lot more patient.
Painted Turtle Farm is selling produce at the Famers’ Market at the outlet tomorrow. It’s all going to be about selling, customer service, marketing and NUMBERS, all of which makes me super excited. We are also expecting a great cooking shift with the healthy options. Just a few more weeks to go until the end of the internship but they are going to be awesome. ~ Uyen.