Fun Workshops & Puzzled Faces

Fun during my "Effective Decision Making" workshop!

Fun during my “Effective Decision Making” workshop!



Today was my first time conducting a work shop at the Work Ready program. Our focus was on effective decision making. It was so much fun! The clients really liked it because it was very interactive (most other work shops are somewhat compatible with lectures). We did group exercises, plenty of debriefing and covered various styles of decision making, as well as key steps. I also got to put my feet in Ms. Kelly’s shoes for a change, having to deal with overwhelming amounts of chatter throughout the workshop, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.


On a completely different note, I came to a very sad, but true realization today; some people simply do not want better for themselves. Today I listened to a client express her strong dislike for Gettysburg, but her reasons were so shocking. She said that she was used to hearing gun shots in Philadelphia and missed the noise, chaos and drama. She said that nothing exciting happened here and that she was so happy to hear the fire works on the 4th of  July because they reminded her of gun shots. I could not believe my ears! And it was not that I was judging her, but the fact that she had been truly brainwashed to think that life has nothing more to offer than negativity. It really amazed me that someone could grow not only content, but comfortable living in an environment where they are constantly in harms way. It made me think of the many stereotypes associated with black people. And it bothered me to have to sit and see someone living the stereotype. Partially because it added some validity to the stereotype. That’s always an uncomfortable situation, when a stereotype is give the chance to valid itself…


However, all is well! We have so many new clients coming in. It’s been really busy!


– Nadejiah Towns (Gettysburg)