Why am I Here?

Am I missing home? No, not yet. Ok, maybe a little but I am definitely now home sick. I can’t believe that my Heston Experience in Kenya is coming to an end. Time flies when you are having fun and I have had a blast being in Kenya.

I can honestly say that my summer has been well spent because it has been productive. I have learned so much about myself and the people around me. I have also learned a lot about the healthcare system and ways to develop the community. I did not come to Kenya as a vacationer nor a tourist. I came here to immerse myself in the Kenyan lifestyle by understanding of the complexity of social issues in the communities here in Kisumu. I am also given the opportunity to write a mini grant proposal for an innovative method of developing the communities around me . I have decided to write a grant proposal called, “Catalyzing the Market with Kasarani’s First Poultry Farm”. Kasarani, Obunga is one of the biggest informal settlements in Kisumu, Kenya. There is a lack of quality water and sewage connections, electricity, employment, and healthcare. The Women’s Support Group of Kassarani, Obunga, which began in February, 2012, will be the owner of this new poultry farm which will be both a boilers and a layers farm. In a broilers business the chickens are sold for meat and in a layers business the eggs of the chicken are sold. The group consists of about forty women with an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to better themselves and their community. Their main reason for taking this initiative is to empower women in the area and to pay for the school fees for orphans in community. This mini grant proposal will fund some of the items that is needed to build the structure of a poultry farm. The farm is expected to reach longevity and to be a source of income for the women in this group. This farm is also expected to boost the economy of Obunga by suppliying the people with more food and more money to live a better life.

My grant proposal is complete and the women have signed the contract that I wrote. They have also bought some if the items that are needed to build the farm and will start building this weekend. Isn’t that awesome!? The women in this group are very grateful and they are excited to put this farm on the market. I am also very grateful to be given the opportunity to help them build this new poultry farm. Hopefully, I can show you all some pictures of the farm before I leave. ( Above are pictures of some of the women in this support group that I have been working with.)

YOHO (You’re Only a Heston Once)

-Margaret Jennifer Johnson’15