Lions, Practicals, and Beds! Oh My!

liz1The four of us spent this past weekend on a safari in Massai Mara National Reserve, which was absolutely amazing!  When we were getting ready to leave for the weekend, I figured that we would see a lot of animals, but no where near the amount we actually saw!  It is currently migration season, where all the wildebeests from Tanzania migrate to Kenya because there is grass to eat in Kenya.  So, we saw tens of thousands of wildebeests!  They were absolutely everywhere we drove!  We also saw a lion eat a wildebeest, a mother lion with her three cubs, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and tons more!  It was definitely a worthwhile experience and our guide, Patrick had a great nose for where the animals hang out in the park.

From last Monday through today the Sisterhood for Change Catering Class  has been completing their Practical Exams.  In order to go on attachment (their internship), the young women have to successfully complete their practical and written exams.  For the Catering exams, the students must make a three course meal, set a table, and serve a client.  They are marked on everything from the preparation of their workspace in the kitchen to their interactions with their customer.  It’s been really fun watching and taking pictures of each girl’s practical.  It’s awesome to see what they have learned over the last 6 months and to taste the delicious food that they prepare!  Practical exams for the hairdressing class began yesterday, where they will perform a series of different tasks including hair relaxing, weaving, mani/pedi, and more!

I have also been interviewing many of the Sisterhood Girls for my thesis research on education and religion!  It’s amazing to see how much the young women haveliz3 grown to trust me and how much I have grown to trust them in the last 8 weeks.  I love how easy and honest our conversations are and I have to say that out of everything at KMET, I am going to miss that program the most!

As our time wraps up here in Kenya, we are busy implementing our mini-grant projects.  For my mini-grant, I am installing and building a bunk bed in “Freedom House” in KMET, which will be the first shelter for women and children in danger (from abuse, etc) in Kisumu and the surrounding areas!  Ever since the back building of the KMET complex was built (about a year ago), two liz2rooms, a bathroom, and kitchen have been set aside for Freedom House, but no one has been able to stay there because there are no beds.  With my project, I hope that many women will be able to get out of unsafe situations and stay in Freedom House!

Thanks for Reading!

Kisumu, Kenya