Rolling with the Big Boys!

This past Thursday, I joined Debi Little, the woman who runs the Work Ready program at SCCAP, at a DST meeting at Career Links. DST meetings are where several directors of programs like Work Ready and EARN meeting with the case workers of their clients to update each other on all aspects of their progress and issues. It was such a different experience from my daily routine. Typically, I’m around clients all day. But here, sitting around the table, I got to take a look at the bigger picture. More importantly, I got to see what goes on behind closed doors outside of the space occupied by clients.

I found out so much about the clients that I never knew. My emotions at the meeting varied from sympathetic to frustrated, as I learned more about how the welfare system works. Some of the remarks made by the people sitting around the table sort of offended me initially, but then I realized that they were telling some harsh truths. Sitting in the meeting helped me to realize that regardless of their financial struggles, clients are responsible for their decisions as adults. Some stories I heard lead me to realize that if clients seriously processed the consequences of their actions, their lives would be a bit easier. However, subjects like easily become confusing. There may be so much sympathy for a person on welfare, but also grow frustrated when they refuse to make efforts to better themselves. This has been the constant circle that my mind spins in all summer long.

Nadejiah Towns
Gettysburg ’15