Little Lows and Lots of Highs!

As summer has progressed, there has been a great deal of new clients enrolled in the Work ready program. When I first started, there was only one male in the program. Currently, we average between 10-15 clients daily. At times, it becomes difficult to hear each other, let alone hear myself think. Remember, this program is mandated by the state. If one client comes in with a negative vibe, they’re no longer rubbing it off on 5 other people, but a minimum of 10!

I came into the Work Ready program a bit earlier than usual today. As soon as I walked in, my ESL client, Elizabeth rushed to have class (we would not be in the building during our regular session time). So I’m sitting there, half asleep, finishing off our lesson from yesterday…and she practically writes a paragraph on her own! Good grammar and all! It really made my day!

Also, we took the clients to the Health Fair at the Gettysburg Rec Park today! I admit, the fair seemed more geared towards children, but that didn’t stop our clients from being interactive! As you can see, I took plenty of pictures (and videos).

Nadejiah Towns
Gettysburg ’15

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