Time Has Wings…But All Is Well

This evening as I sit on my bed and pack I reminisce on the experiences I’ve had here in Kenya. This bittersweet feeling is hard for me to explain. My friends back in the States are excited that I am coming home but my friends here in Kenya want me to stay a bit longer. Unfortunately, my time here is up and I must go back. But I will never forget the time I had in Kenya. It made me sad to see them cry but I’ve promised to keep in contact with them via Facebook and Skype. I know that these friendships will last for a long time.

I remember having a meeting before coming here and we were asked if it would be best to just send money to the various organizations we are working with as oppose to going to the countries. What good does that do? How can one truly understand the social justice issues in a country if one has not immerse him or herself in that environment? Personally, I can say that I now understand some of the social issues in Kisumu, Kenya . This is not because I Googled “Social Justice in Kisumu, Kenya” but because I talked to the Kenyans living here. They know the problems they have. Even though they may not always have the means to solve all their problems it is not best for us “outsiders” to assume that we know all the issues in the world and that we have the answers for them. These interactions with the Kenyans are very important because they allow us to share languages, skills, life experiences, and much more. They also improve our people skills and allow us to think globally.

So as I leave Kenya I realize how short time is. It will slip away if you let it. I’ve learned to make the best of every minute and never to regret anything. I am grateful for all the memories I’ve made and I do not regret a thing.

(As promised from my previous blogpost “Why Am I Here?”, a picture of the poultry farm that I built with my mini-grant is included in this blog)

Margaret Jennifer Johnson’15