Finish lines and Obstacles

The end is near and in sight.  For the first time this summer, I can see the finish line. GIV Day is coming together and I can picture the final project in everything I do, whereas before I was performing the tasks, but not really thinking about the results. I can count on one hand the number of ESL classes I have left with Casa de la Cultura and there isn’t enough time to start any new projects with the organization.

It’s sad to think that this experience will end, after getting so used to working with such wonderful people and taking part in such worthwhile projects. While I’m ready for the fall semester to begin, I will miss spending the majority of my days in the CPS office, creating lesson plans and preparing for GIV Day. It has truly been an incredible experience.

With that said, I must also confess that the past couple weeks have been STRESSFUL. When you’re able to see the finish line, you are also able to see clearly everything that could serve as an obstacle in reaching the end. With every little setback I have in my GIV Day planning, I worry about whether or not I will be able to make up for it in time. I know that I will and that, yes, GIV Day will be great, but in the meantime I freak out about the little things. I have to remind myself to stay calm in this situation. I have the ability to complete my projects. I CAN and WILL be successful in what I’m doing.

I can’t say I have much more to bring to the table right now. I’m working diligently, trying to avoid/deal with the barriers, and attempting to remain organized and productive. Most of all, I’m keeping my eye on the finish line. In the back of my mind, I know what my goals are. The path to get there might change every once in a while, but I will still end up at the same finish line.

Emily Hauck ’14