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Finish lines and Obstacles

The end is near and in sight.  For the first time this summer, I can see the finish line. GIV Day is coming together and I can picture the final project in everything… Continue reading

Little Lows and Lots of Highs!

As summer has progressed, there has been a great deal of new clients enrolled in the Work ready program. When I first started, there was only one male in the program. Currently, we… Continue reading

Missing Mondays

It’s hard to talk about working with middle schoolers, hence the reason I haven’t been. After my first week of school, I tried to write something, but it came out all wishy-washy and… Continue reading

Fun Workshops & Puzzled Faces

    Today was my first time conducting a work shop at the Work Ready program. Our focus was on effective decision making. It was so much fun! The clients really liked it… Continue reading

On a roll :3

To me, part of this week was about trying new things. I tried to learn Photoshop to design the Painted Turtle Farm Poster for the Famers’ Market on Saturday. Since my skill is… Continue reading


Last night was the first session of photovoice, an activity that Healthy Options participants have the option of participating in where discussion is started from pictures people take of their everyday life. Some… Continue reading

How I Learned to Speak … Gettysburgian?

To those who adamantly believe that Gettysburg, PA is a vanilla, boring small-town devoid of diversity: I invite you to take a closer look … In the past weeks, I have felt amazed,… Continue reading

Food & Frustration…

This past week has brought so much frustration! While there were several enjoyable moments, there were usually unfavorable moments that came along. I guess I can start with the positives first… I learned… Continue reading

Rough weekend.

7/2/13 Well, it’s actually been one of the best weekends I’ve had because I got to go to Costco (holla at me, bulk wholesale!), I actually kinda enjoy tourists (might change in the… Continue reading

All Knowledge is Useful Knowledge

Internships are supposed to give you a sense of what it’s like to work in the “real world” which, I’ve been told, frequently includes having to do jobs that you don’t necessarily want… Continue reading