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Monte Horet: A Journey

Hello to everyone from Leon! I can’t believe it’s already almost the last week! Most of this post was written on July 2nd, but I’ve noticed that if I get interrupted when I’m… Continue reading

The Little Victories

This week is a light week in León because kids are on vacation, so that means no preschool and no women’s group. I figured it would be a good time to reflect on… Continue reading

The Size of Tortillas

This past weekend, the three amigos aka Aaron, Nicole and I made the 8-hour journey to the tiny village of Monte Redondo, Honduras- the site of Aaron’s first tour in the Peace Corps.… Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

I have realized that the experiences I had when Mary and I went to the beach a few weeks ago are a good reflection of my time in Nicaragua so far. We went… Continue reading

My Big Fat Nica Boda

Boda (Spanish for wedding) is one of those words Spanish textbooks love. It is right up there with shirt, bed, pen and family. My memories of grade school and high school Spanish classes… Continue reading

Visit to a Military Fortress

Hello again from León, where the sweat flows like water! This week marked the beginning of our work duties, which for me means helping out at a preschool in the mornings and working… Continue reading

Adiós to Orientation Week

Here goes my first blogging experience! Our first week here in León has felt a little like a vacation. We’ve had some amazing experiences so far, especially when volcanoes are involved. The first… Continue reading

Mother’s Day in León

Hola from León! Day five in this beautiful country is shaping up to be much like the others thus far- sweaty. The hot sun is one of the many staples of Nicaraguan life-… Continue reading

Summer 2013 is about to begin!

After a semester of applications and preparations, these twelve interns are about to set off on their 2013 Heston Summer Experience. Follow them as they blog about the challenges encountered, questions being considered… Continue reading