Why am I Here?

Am I missing home? No, not yet. Ok, maybe a little but I am definitely now home sick. I can’t believe that my Heston Experience in Kenya is coming to an end. Time… Continue reading

Exploring Nicaragua

On Friday the 5th of July we took the preschool kids to a playground in town, which they loved and no one misbehaved or got hurt. It’s crazy to think that might have… Continue reading

Monte Horet: A Journey

Hello to everyone from Leon! I can’t believe it’s already almost the last week! Most of this post was written on July 2nd, but I’ve noticed that if I get interrupted when I’m… Continue reading

Test Run

7/16/13 Yesterday we went to the Capitol in Harrisburg with Tonya to help with the poverty simulation for legislators. There was a lot of waiting around because we arrived early and we had… Continue reading

From the land of tea to AIDS

17/07/2013 For my past weekend adventure, I visited a friend that lives in Kericho, the land of tea! Kericho is only about a two hour drive from Kisumu, but in order to get… Continue reading

Stereotypes and Honey Boo-Boo

A conversation I had with Aaron this past weekend got me thinking. And a question just posed by my host mom got me really thinking. What about?… Stereotypes. We have all heard about… Continue reading

Checking My List and…Going with the Flow?

One of the most valuable skills that I’m learning this summer: to be flexible and adaptable. I am one of those people who love writing lists. I write lists for everything and anything.… Continue reading

The Earlier, The Better

Last week I attended a Mentorship training hosted by KMET and Population Council. It was very rewarding and it has to be one of the most informative and interesting events I’ve witnessed during… Continue reading

On a roll :3

To me, part of this week was about trying new things. I tried to learn Photoshop to design the Painted Turtle Farm Poster for the Famers’ Market on Saturday. Since my skill is… Continue reading

Mentoring and Reproductive Training

I am so excited to be spending this week helping with and covering (for the marketing team) a mentorship training for young women aged between 20 and 35 who will be mentoring young… Continue reading