The Size of Tortillas

This past weekend, the three amigos aka Aaron, Nicole and I made the 8-hour journey to the tiny village of Monte Redondo, Honduras- the site of Aaron’s first tour in the Peace Corps.… Continue reading

“Are you a Kenyan?”

“Are you a Kenyan?” “Sorry, I am not a Kenyan and I do not know how to speak Kiswahili.” ” Really? Are you sure?” “Yes, I’m sure.” Everyday at least one person ask… Continue reading

All Knowledge is Useful Knowledge

Internships are supposed to give you a sense of what it’s like to work in the “real world” which, I’ve been told, frequently includes having to do jobs that you don’t necessarily want… Continue reading


I am already 3 weeks done with my Heston Jouney. However, with the 2 new gears I just equipped myself with this week, I believe the rest of my Journey will be super… Continue reading

Unexpected Surprises

Don’t you love when an opportunity just suddenly appears? Something you’ve always been interested in, yet, you’ve never been able to figure out how to become involved? Yeah, that’s a great feeling. And… Continue reading

The Label versus the Level

In life, you truly get what you put into it.  As my time in Kisumu passes, I realize the attitude and initiative you have impact the experience you receive.  While I reflect on… Continue reading

Finding my Calling

Yesterday was, hands down, the best day I’ve had with KMET! I went in thinking that I’d spend the day at the KMET office for Haduma Poa Day (which happens a few times… Continue reading

ESL, Idioms & Privilege

Today was my 3rd ESL session with my client at the Work Ready Program. I must admit, it made me happy that she actually came to me about session today instead of me… Continue reading

Story Time! (week 2)

6/24/13 Last week, I visited some seniors that are homebound and receive hot Meals on Wheels every M-F. I am asked them which fruits and vegetables they would be interested in being delivered… Continue reading

Wait and Relax

My schedule on campus can be a bit hectic at times. Sometimes I cannot find enough personal time for myself because I have more important things to do. Being in Kenya has taught… Continue reading