Sink and Swim

This week I had my screw-ups as well as my triumphs, and I’m just as much proud of the first as I am of the latter. The weeks leading up to this internship… Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

I have realized that the experiences I had when Mary and I went to the beach a few weeks ago are a good reflection of my time in Nicaragua so far. We went… Continue reading

Learning everyday

This week, I was much more skillful in the kitchen. We now know our schedule better and managed our time pretty well. However, Monday was a little bit rough. It was the first… Continue reading

Filling Uncomfortable Shoes

This week I got the chance to put my feet in other peoples shoes. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sandals and heels kind of girl. So let’s just say I… Continue reading

My Heston Experience: Trial and Error

What I’ve learned this week….well, it takes a lot more planning than you would think to facilitate an ESL class of more than three students. Last week, although a chaotic and exhausting five… Continue reading

Jamii (Family)

Hard to believe that we’ve been here in Kisumu for over three weeks! Time is really flying by! At this point, I feel like we’ve all really settled in. We confidently know our… Continue reading

“We empower the community”

Habari!! So, I still need to work on my Swahili…so that’s all you’re getting for now. I just completed my second week as an intern at KMET, and I can honestly say I… Continue reading

The Truth About Mentoring

During my first week, Madam Jenepha (who is awesome, btw!!!) had us do mentoring sessions with the girls at Sisterhood for Change (SFC). The SFC program at KMET offers vocational classes (Catering, Tailoring,… Continue reading

My Big Fat Nica Boda

Boda (Spanish for wedding) is one of those words Spanish textbooks love. It is right up there with shirt, bed, pen and family. My memories of grade school and high school Spanish classes… Continue reading


Week three as an intern provided a lot of new experiences. Experiences that brought lots of emotions and excitements. I attended a funeral for a staff member that passed away with the staffs… Continue reading