Mini-Lessons in my Backyard

06/18/2013 Last Thursday, I met with Janepher who requested that I run mini-lessons on entrepreneurial skills with the girls from Safe Space. The Safe Space girls are taking one of the following courses-tailoring,… Continue reading

First week!

6/17/13 It’s been one week here in Gettysburg so far, and I am really excited for the rest of the summer! I’ve gotten my projects and have started chipping away at planning and… Continue reading

Gettysburg Week 1: Keep on Scratchin’

The first time I volunteered for the Campus Kitchen, I got lost while searching for the building. A wrong turn here and there, and I had found myself in a vacant run-down parking… Continue reading

Get Excited for School

I like school… a lot. Of course I love to learn (who doesn’t?), but I also enjoy the atmosphere of educational institutions in general. I like being around people who are all taking… Continue reading

Spicing things up in Campus Kitchen

My first week of Heston internship flies by so fast. It has been a busy but very exciting week for me. This week, I spent most of my time working at the campus… Continue reading

You Gotta Learn Before You Teach

It has been a crazy first week here in Gettysburg for the Heston Interns. After everyone moved in at various times over the weekend, we were all bright-eyed and enthusiastic to start our… Continue reading

There’s “Work Ready”…and Then There’s “CIRCLES”!

I have finally completed my first week at SCCAP and there is so much to share! My first day at the Work Ready Program was truly awakening. There I was so excited to… Continue reading

“I salivate until I get distracted”

After last week, I was sure that I had learned my lesson in patience. I had been warned beforehand by others that at KMET, I will have to get used to waiting: Waiting… Continue reading

Visit to a Military Fortress

Hello again from León, where the sweat flows like water! This week marked the beginning of our work duties, which for me means helping out at a preschool in the mornings and working… Continue reading

Our Sinking Boat

06/07/13 As I work with the Food Income and Marketing and Urban Livelihood programs in KMET, the main method of implementing income generating projects and resolving problems is through community meetings.  In the… Continue reading