Success in Week 2!

My second week in Kenya was filled with many ups and downs. Other than moving in with a host family that I have grown to appreciate, saying goodbye to Kim, Amy, and Carol,… Continue reading

iPads and Taylor Swift

I finally moved in with my host family this past weekend. All week I had been soo nervous (of course I wasn’t going to show it…lol). Anyways, after a very sleepless Saturday night,… Continue reading

iPads and Taylor Swift

*i.e waiting an hour and a half to be picked up…in other words, 2pm actually meant 3:30 pm

Adiós to Orientation Week

Here goes my first blogging experience! Our first week here in León has felt a little like a vacation. We’ve had some amazing experiences so far, especially when volcanoes are involved. The first… Continue reading

Mother’s Day in León

Hola from León! Day five in this beautiful country is shaping up to be much like the others thus far- sweaty. The hot sun is one of the many staples of Nicaraguan life-… Continue reading

“Obama’s Tribe”

We’ve been in Kisumu all of 4 days and have been referred to as “Obama’s Tribe” several times in passing.  We have also been told to say “Hi to Obama” by people we… Continue reading

“Because of This Program I Can Now Defend Myself Against Men”

When a young woman says she now has a voice against the men that tries to lure her into nonconsensual sexual activities you know that she is empowered. You know that she knows… Continue reading

Jambo from our first day at KMET

30/05/2013 After a long three day travel, we made it safely to Kisumu, and today (our first full day!) we toured the Kisumu Medical and Educational Trust office and learned a little bit… Continue reading

Kenya at Last

Summer 2013 is about to begin!

After a semester of applications and preparations, these twelve interns are about to set off on their 2013 Heston Summer Experience. Follow them as they blog about the challenges encountered, questions being considered… Continue reading