Finish lines and Obstacles

The end is near and in sight.  For the first time this summer, I can see the finish line. GIV Day is coming together and I can picture the final project in everything… Continue reading

Time Has Wings…But All Is Well

This evening as I sit on my bed and pack I reminisce on the experiences I’ve had here in Kenya. This bittersweet feeling is hard for me to explain. My friends back in… Continue reading

Little Lows and Lots of Highs!

As summer has progressed, there has been a great deal of new clients enrolled in the Work ready program. When I first started, there was only one male in the program. Currently, we… Continue reading

All is well that ends well!

The past few days have been great! I watched with pride (and almost got a bit tears-eyed) as Monica, the executive director of KMET, presented three very deserving and hardworking self-sponsored students in… Continue reading

Missing Mondays

It’s hard to talk about working with middle schoolers, hence the reason I haven’t been. After my first week of school, I tried to write something, but it came out all wishy-washy and… Continue reading

Rolling with the Big Boys!

This past Thursday, I joined Debi Little, the woman who runs the Work Ready program at SCCAP, at a DST meeting at Career Links. DST meetings are where several directors of programs like… Continue reading

The Last Oriti!

29/7/2013 It is the last oriti – oriti is the Lou word for goodbye, and this bittersweet statement is true. As excited as I am to spend time my family, tell Kim all… Continue reading

Lions, Practicals, and Beds! Oh My!

The four of us spent this past weekend on a safari in Massai Mara National Reserve, which was absolutely amazing!  When we were getting ready to leave for the weekend, I figured that… Continue reading

Fun Workshops & Puzzled Faces

    Today was my first time conducting a work shop at the Work Ready program. Our focus was on effective decision making. It was so much fun! The clients really liked it… Continue reading

Making a difference!

  It’s hard to believe summer is going by so quickly! I’m excited to see you Kenyan and Nicaraguan Hestons back on campus! I discovered many things this week: My advisor, Amy Dailey… Continue reading